Covid-19 response.


We have been monitoring the development of the Corona Virus since beginning of this year. The health of our students, staff and community is very important to us.
At the beginning of March all of our teams returned from thier outreaches healthy and have since left for their homes to be with their families.

Currently we have no Outreach Teams with Staff or Students in Germany or other nations.

As a response to the corona virus we have made some Base changes and adjustments for the Spring 2020.

⁃Since March 17th 2020 all of our staff have been working from home and we connect corporately via video chat.

⁃Our Spring DTS is postponed until we are able to run it.

Although our usual schedule has been disrupted, we respond in faith and wisdom and not fear. We believe God is as close as ever and this is a great time for us to draw near to him and be representatives of hope and peace to the world around us.

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