Advanced Training Courses


These are courses within YWAM that give you the opportunity to go deeper and acquire greater skill and experience in specific areas. Not only are we a missional organisation that desires to reach the lost with the Gospel, we also want to see cultural transformation. We believe that we are called to have an impact on every area of society and want to see the Kingdom of God established in the spheres.

YWAM Herrnhut offers just a few of the many advanced training courses within YWAM. A prerequisite for all course is a full completion of a YWAM Discipleship Training School.

Pacific & Asia Christian University (PACU) was founded in 1978 in Kona, Hawaii, USA. It was founded to train students in ministering the love of Christ and teaching others according to the command of Christ to make disciples of all nations, in all spheres of society. A development guide was written to create seven colleges and several multidisciplinary centres that would develop schools, seminars, and other training modules in these subject areas. A master plan for the campus was prepared by a team of planners and architects who carefully considered the best environment for implementing the founding principles of the university.

Schools were developed rapidly in many nations and on six continents. Many of these schools were linked with PACU. However, the regional and local names no longer reflected the worldwide scope and unity of the various higher education activities. The Board of Regents unanimously adopted the new name, University of the Nations (UofN), at their meeting in 1988. The name change took place officially on June 2, 1989.

The UofN is unique in its international missionary training scope with school locations in 160 nations and at 600 locations on all continents. Because national accrediting agencies have major differences in their systems, the UofN has not, at present, applied for any one nation’s accreditation.

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Why do a second level course

Doing an advanced training course with YWAM is an amazing way to ground you in the truth and principles learnt in DTS. It is also a great opportunity to continue growing in other areas of interest and allows you to get a deeper understanding. Advanced training courses in man ways, are more practical and help you to apply what you learnt in a greater way. It’s an amazing tool to in cultivating a deep, rich and ever maturing relationship with God.

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