“is a seed insignificant?”


Amsterdam NL

One Week Introductory course with Practical

29 April – 4 May 2024

Location: The Fig Tree – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Price: 300€ including food
Contact: rkortenoeven@gmail.com

Herrnhut DE

Three Week Organic Agricultural Trainers Seminar

Currently not running

Contact: aaronghoover@gmail.com

// S H A L O M //
“Circumstances unblemished by any sort of defect. Shalom is a blessing, a manifestation of divine grace.”

Meet the team

Aaron and Susi Hoover (USA/Germany)

are parents of two kids (Eleni and Ezra), have a passion for community living, farming with abundance, and Jesus. Permanently located in Greece, they have started gardens on city rooftops, outside refugee camps, and currently on a YWAM base in Germany.

Benjamin Alles (Canada)

is experienced with mixed vegetable crop production in Germany and Canada, integrated egg production, and research in cover-cropping and no-till vegetable production. Ben is married to Michelle from Paraguay.

Richard and Bruna (Netherlands/Brazil))

are parents of three kids (Anorah, Brandon, and Noah). They love Jesus, family, farming, dreaming, tiny houses, gardening, and their dog.

Carl and Kathy Thompson (USA/Canada)

Having started as a hippie goat farmer in British Columbia, Carl started a farm in Washington state before being called to missions some forty years ago. He married Kathy 36 years ago which changed his life almost as much as meeting Jesus. Together they have farmed and gardened in many parts of the world and raised four wonderful children. They are based in Michigan, USA but are currently with their third son and family in Thailand.

Gene and Gretchen Tate

Grew up on family ranches in the mountains of Colorado and loved the life it encompassed. In 1986, as a young couple with family, they responded to a short term missions training that turned into a life long call. They are passionate to see God intentions of thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven fully expressed in the lives of people everywhere. Currently they are facilitating an intensive 5 month regenerative agriculture training in Uganda.

Johannes and Nardeen Volkert

Johannes life was deeply impacted by the OATS in 2018. He did several trainings afterwards in permaculture and regenerative agriculture and is now really into Agroforestry and Edible Food Forests. Nardeen studied theology and is also a certified health and nutrition coach. They both are teaching and integrating OATS topics on their farm in Germany, as well on projects abroad, especially in the Middle East.

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