“is a seed insignificant?”


Amsterdam NL

One Week Introductory course with Practical

26th March – 1st April 2023

Location: The Fig Tree – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Price: 250€ including food
Contact: rkortenoeven@gmail.com

Herrnhut DE

Three Week Organic Agricultural Trainers Seminar

16th April – 6th May 2023

Location: YWAM Herrnhut – Herrnhut, Germany & Nuremberg Food Forrest – Nuremberg, Germany
Price: 800€ including food and accommodation
Contact: aaronghoover@gmail.com

// S H A L O M //
“Circumstances unblemished by any sort of defect. Shalom is a blessing, a manifestation of divine grace.”

Meet the team

Aaron and Susi Hoover (USA/Germany)

are parents of two kids (Eleni and Ezra), have a passion for community living, farming with abundance, and Jesus. Permanently located in Greece, they have started gardens on city rooftops, outside refugee camps, and currently on a YWAM base in Germany.

Benjamin Alles (Canada)

is experienced with mixed vegetable crop production in Germany and Canada, integrated egg production, and research in cover-cropping and no-till vegetable production. Ben is married to Michelle from Paraguay.

Richard and Bruna (Netherlands/Brazil))

are parents of three kids (Anorah, Brandon, and Noah). They love Jesus, family, farming, dreaming, tiny houses, gardening, and their dog.

Carl and Kathy Thompson (USA/Canada)

Gene and Gretchen Tate

Johannes and Nardeen Volkert

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