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We believe transformed lives transform lives. God is able to use anyone who is willing to change the world. We have a mandate to change the world. Person by person, city by city, nation by nation, until the glory of the Lord covers the earth like the waters cover the seas. (Hab. 2:4) Jesus invites us all to be a part of it; will you?

It's imperative that we approach this mandate with teachable hearts; Let's start with our foundation, building a solid base in order to influence the world the way Jesus would.

As a community, we value the responsibility of using the truth and wisdom we've gained to change the world. Being active in our calling is an important part of transforming nations.

Generosity is an attribute of kingdom living that not only progresses our base as a whole, but propels us further into succeeding in our mission.


Explore your passion in whatever way you feel led, to be better trained and equipped to see your passion paired with a divine purpose.

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God is the Lord of the Harvest, who provides seeds and makes them grow. He has made the nations for Himself, to represent Him in all of His multi-faceted beauty. The Harvest DTS is born out of a desire to carry His heart for the nations, to develop the understanding and tools which will make us effective, and to commit to His work wherever He would ask us to go.

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The heart of the Go Europe DTS is to see Europeans activated for the cause of the gospel and to equip those sent here with a calling to reach Europe. We are believing in a young generation that says yes to Jesus and takes his message to every area of influence; from their home, to their city, and into the nations. One person’s yes can impact history.

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The DTS Reconcile is a missionary school that takes place at YWAM Wave of Revival based in Poland. Created for all who wish to be agents of reconciliation and revival in society and bring the love of God to the nations, reconciling the creation with their Creator, through the supernatural movement of the Holy Spirit and the manifestation of the Kingdom of God.

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We are called to partner with God in His mission on earth. As the body of Christ, as Jesus’ hands and feet, we are called to engage with the people in all of society: right where they are. Jesus came to tackle the root cause of our brokenness, sin, in order to heal and restore everyone and everything from the inside out for His glory – and YOU are now His agent on earth!

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What if your profession is your holy calling from the Lord in healing and restoring nations? What if discipling nations begins at your workplace, through your vocation, in your sphere of society? How can you do it practically, personally, and biblically? What can you learn from Christian and mission history? Where can you start? – And what does this have to do with YWAM Europe “3.0”?

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The Organic Agriculture Trainers Seminar seeks to use principles found in God’s Word and in creation to train individuals in the basics of agriculture. We desire to learn about ways of doing agriculture that will benefit creation on all levels, therefore taking part in the dominion and stewardship given to us by God.

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Stories are not meant to be caged; they are meant to be told. Revelations are given to be shared. Wisdom meant to be passed on. This blog exists to share what God has given YWAM Herrnhut, as individuals telling their stories, and what God is doing through us as a community. From biblical revelations found through prayerful meditation, to the testimonies of what God is doing among the nations, The HH Blog is for spreading the glory and fame of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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