School of Intercessory Prayer


The school of prayer is an invitation extended to you from the father. It’s an invitation to deep friendship with God, discovering his heart and character in new ways and allowing him to lead you in the place of prayer as his Co – worker and partner in building his kingdom on earth. The school is a place for you to discover and develop your own prayer life stepping into true friendship with God and learning how to rule alongside him

Teaching: Teachers from around the world will come to share with us their experiences and prayer journeys.

Morning prayer times: Growing in the discipline of rising early to align yourself with the heart and will of God and see his kingdom come and breakthrough take place even before breakfast.
Personal prayer times: Key to developing your own prayer life are personal prayer times where you allow the Holy Spirit to teach you his ways in prayer. You will be keeping a prayer journal, documenting your prayer topics, principles you are learning and how God is leading you on this exciting journey of co-working with him.

Corporate prayer and worship times: There is such strength when we come together to partner with God in seeing heaven released on earth. We want to grow in our ability to listen and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in these times. We will be adopting a prayer topic that we will intercede for and investing into throughout the whole school. We want to leave a mark on a topics which are on God’s heart and see how history can be written through simple prayers of obedience.

Prayer workshops: We all have different personalities meaning we connect and relate differently to one another and God. These times are to help you discover your personal preferences on how to pray and connect to the father. When we think of prayer we think of sitting down quietly and speaking a couple of words yet prayer is so much more and carries thousands of possibilities on how to pray and connect with God. Those times are to unleash the creativity in prayer and help you see the endless opportunities to connect with God and partner with him on behalf of others.

Book reading, small groups, and bible study: We want to learn from those who have gone ahead of us on this journey. We will read a book together and will discuss what we learn in small groups as well as study the word of God together on the topic of prayer.

Learning from past moves of God: Studying past prayer movements and looking around to the prayer movements God is unleashing today.


In prayer we discover true friendship with God. In this place of fellowship and friendship we are not only stepping into true identity, healing and transformation for ourselves but we also become empowered to transform the world around us together with him. God is looking for friends he can share his heart with, people he can entrust his plans and desires to. In this place of friendship we become people that know him intimately and love him deeply. We become people who trust God and are trusted by Him.


In prayer we also discover our inheritance and calling as Co – workers with God. In prayer we rule and take back what was taken by the enemy but is rightfully ours. Taking our place and inheritance as children of God to restore this world back into its God given original design.
God looks for people willing to take ownership of this earth that he, from the beginning of creation has entrusted to us. He believes in us and our ability to fight alongside him through prayer. He looks for people willing to follow his lead, daring to face the giants of our time with boldness and faith.

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September 24, 2019 –


Application fee: 60 Euros
School fees: 1695 Euros
School outreach: Approx. 555 Euros

Biblical foundations of prayer
Principles of Intercession and prayer
The kingdom of God and your inheritance
The identity of an Intercessor, taking your place
The lifestyle of an Intercessor
Spiritual life & cooperate prayer
The call to priesthood
The question of authority in the place of prayer
Prophetic worship, prayer, evangelism, identification
Spiritual warfare
Prayer movements

Languages: English
Prerequisites: Discipleship Training School (DSP 211, 212)

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