We believe God is calling us to be a revival generation, full of passionate love for Jesus whose drive is fuelled through deep and continual encounters with God. Young people with hearts made alive as we center our lives around hosting the presence of God. Desiring to discover kingdom culture together so as to become people that walk out the fruit of the Spirit in real love for one another. Growing into a community rooted in personal integrity and maturity of character. Carrying radical faith that gives us permission to believe God for the miraculous and being trusted by God to partner with him doing the impossible. In everything bringing glory to God.


We believe Jesus lived, died and was resurrected into eternal life. Thereby creating, for us, the opportunity of eternal life and relationship with God. Therefore we are a missional community convinced we have been commissioned to share the love of God and an invitation to relationship with him, through Jesus, to all people (Matt 28). We believe that only through personal relationship with Jesus can people receive eternal life and be released into their full potential as healed, restored and whole people. Engaging in outreach, evangelism, serving the needs of others, and creative communication of the gospel we can see the nations of the world encounter and embrace the love of God.


We believe the great commision is not just for personal relationship with God, but also for the socially holistic restoration of nations. That all people groups, tribes and nations are called to walk in the full culture of Christ’s kingdom. Understanding transformation is realised as nations enthrone Jesus as their king and following the healthy and life giving principles established through His word. We believe nations founded on the bible experience blessing and are empowered to be a blessing to others.