Summer Nightlife



Millions of young people in Europe pass through holiday resorts every summer, looking to enjoy the sun, the beach and the party scenes of our coastal towns and cities. Away from home and their daily responsibilities, their normal boundaries are disregarded and we often find them looking for a good time through excessive drinking and experimenting with drugs and sex.

The very things that were supposed to guarantee a good time often prove to be empty and even destructive.

What if the Church could be right there? What if we could offer them something better? What if churches start sending teams of young adults into the party scenes of these holiday resorts, ready to love on the people, ready to share the Gospel with them and ready to lead them into an encounter with Jesus?

Youth With A Mission Constanta is planning a 14 day outreach into five of Europe’s popular party resorts. We will be equipping and enabling Christian young adults, 18 years and over, to share Jesus with people at these locations.

The outreach would consist of three days of training on how to effectively reach out into the party scene. Then ten days of outreach in one of our five party resorts, putting into practice what they have learned in the training. This is followed by one day of debriefing what happened and sharing how God was moving within people’s lives in the party scene.


This is an exciting opportunity to see people’s lives changed. If you like more information about how you could be a part of Summer Nightlife Outreach, please contact us:

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