Dates: 25th Sept 2018 - 14th Feb 2019
Application Fee: 60€
Housing Deposit: 40€
Lecture Phase: 1500€
Outreach Phase: 1200€ (including airfares)
Languages: English
Prerequisites: Discipleship Training School (DSP 211, 212)



This school's focus goes beyond music or gifting. It goes deeper than emotions or personal experiences and higher than the lives that we lead. We are here to encounter God, bless His heart, and lead others along to do the same. When we truly encounter God, we will be changed, and we will be instruments in God's hands to bring change in others. The goal of this school is to raise up worshipers and leaders who are learning to understand the ways of God, and become like Him in every way. As we do this, we put God on a stage to be seen.


God has beautifully and wonderfully created and gifted each of us uniquely to serve and bless His heart and in this school we will take those giftings and bring them to a new level of excellence. Though you can worship while doing anything from dancing and singing to cleaning toilets, this school does focus on the musical avenue of worship. We found that although the principles taught are universal, in order to explore the depths of worship with the time that we have, it is best to focus on one particular avenue. During the school we will have music workshops, practice times, song writing, and times of leading worship. This will give you the ability to not only grow in your relationship with God, but in your skill so that you may be more effective in your ministry.


We are devoted to raising up leaders. Leadership is not just something that is for pastors or youth group leaders, but for every Christian. We are all called to lead others to Jesus. As worship leaders, we need to know in what direction we are taking people, and how to affectively bring them with us. During the school of worship we will be challenged to jump out of the boat, and given the opportunity to lead.

God is so faithful and He desires to bring healing and restoration to His people. He has done it for so many generations before us. As we explore history we see that He longs for His children to truly see Him as He is. He is Love, and just, and merciful. He is Father, and I know and expect that misconceptions will be reversed, and for God to bring freedom.

Our hearts desire is to bring real impact and real freedom in whatever places we go, because our hearts minds and lives are devoted to lifting up the King for all to see!