We invite people to come together and connect. We gather people who are ready to partner with God and others to see transformation in their city.

By hosting gatherings we unite revivalists all over Europe and create room for networking and training. 


We rally behind what God is doing in people, call out their potential and propel them into their calling. We walk alongside individuals in order to train and equip them to keep the fire burning. We tour throughout Europe to connect with people and empower them through discipleship and teaching.


We challenge people to take ownership, contend for their city and fuel what God is doing there, and we empower them to spread the fire and partner with God in practical ways.

Past —

In 2012 in Herrnhut, Germany, a group of YWAM worship leaders gathered together and expressed their mutual desire for greater depth in worship. The group quickly grew to more 40 people regularly coming together in houses for worship and prayer. ,Their desire to connect our work for God with a reviving relationship with the Lord led the the birth of what became the “Revive Community.”

A few months later, God emphasized to venture into three expressions: to establish a culture of prayer and worship in YWAM Herrnhut, to start Revive-focused Discipleship Training Schools (DTS), and to launch touring in Europe with a special emphasis on Germany, believing that there is revival God is stirring all over the continent.

The Revive community and the Revive DTSes continued to grow, and in the fall of 2014 several of us from YWAM Herrnhut embarked on a prayer journey across Germany. We were hungry to see God’s Kingdom alive in this nation, and sought God for clarity in how He was moving.

While on this journey, God gave us a very specific vision of small fires all over the nation. These individual fires ignited rapidly, growing together and engulfing all of Germany in flames, spreading to the surrounding nations as the same was happing all over Europe, and eventually spreading all over the world. We felt God inviting us to recognize the reality of this situation – these fires represent individuals who are passionate about the Gospel and seeing the Kingdom of God become an everyday reality on earth! 

Present —

Seeds of revival are bursting out of the ground all over the country! And we are to come alongside to equip and serve these starting fires, so they unite and grow and multiply.

God is doing something in Germany, and we recognize the need to connect believers. The body of Christ is meant to work together, but how can we do that if we don’t know each other? This sparked the idea of the first “Firestarters” Gathering in 2015. More than 100 people came together to seek God for revival in their cities and nations. This led to multiple tours to university cities, summer outreaches worldwide, the development of an online training course, and practical trainings all over Germany.

With each tour God revealed to us on a deeper level what He is doing in Germany and how He wants us to partner with Him in it, which formed the “Firestarters principles” as guidelines for what we do. Our awareness grew that God wants to raise revivalists and reformers all over the country in all spheres of society as a new wave of missionaries into our cities and nation!

Future —

Two years later God emphasized that it is time to expand, both as a team and also geographically now to launch into Europe. As a grown team, right after New Year in 2018 we spread out to different nations to learn what God is doing in Europe and to look for open doors where God might want us to connect for the future. We were amazed recognizing again all the “fires” that God has started! We discovered everywhere the same hunger to come together as the body of Christ and to see revival in their cities and their nations transformed!

We are continuing to dream and strategise with God, and look forward to what the future holds not just for Germany but for Europe. Currently God has highlighted to us very clearly to engage more with the Netherlands and France, believing for further involvement step by step in more European countries as relationships build. Maybe with you for your nation?

If this is on your heart, you are already a Firestarter! Join us and other like-minded individuals as we start fires, fuel fires, and connect fires to see Europe reached with the Gospel!

Firestarters is a movement that partners with the revival spreading throughout Europe.

We connect with people who are on fire for God in their city and sphere of society. We come alongside revivalists, to equip and serve them. We unite, fuel and multiply the movement.

Practical information

If you desire to see like-minded believers from your European university city gathering together to worship, pray and get equipped to know God more and to make Him known in your city, we want to come alongside you in this dream! 

Contact us so that we can pray with you and discuss the possibility of a Firestarters team coming to your city! 

We tour always the first few weeks of the winter semester (October/November) and of the summer semester (April-May). We would love to stop in your city! 

If you want to be empowered with the truth of God’s Word, meet others with a passion for revival, and gain more of God’s heart for your nation, join us for the Firestarters Gathering in August!  

People from all over Germany and surrounding countries converge each year in Herrnhut for a long weekend of worship and intercession, input, and community. We dive into what it looks like for Biblical truths to transform spheres of society, and strategise together for ways to actively invite the Kingdom of God to shift the culture of our workplaces and universities.

All are welcome as we seek God together for a greater awakening in Europe! 

Additionally, Firestarters Gatherings are emerging in more European countries. Currently we are collaborating with YWAM in the Netherlands and in France. Contact us for more information. 


Do you desire to see the life of your colleagues, your city, your nation transformed by experiencing the goodness of God? Do you desire to live every day in the fullness of your calling, especially at your university or workplace? Then this course is made exactly for you!

The Discipling Nations Online School is a three-part online course on applying biblical worldview, or rather biblical world vision, to your vocation in your sphere of society. 

DNOS is a part-time course (approx. 5h/week), spread over about 3 months each, and can be done while working, studying, raising a family, or whatever else your season looks like right now. 


The “Mission Europe Field Training” is an online school offered by our Norwegian friends to equip people who love Jesus to reach their city together. Learn how to live a “missional lifestyle”!

People in Europe are crying out for hope, purpose, and direction. They need no empty promises; they need real encounters with the living God who changes lives! We believe a key to restoring hope to Europe is through communities of believers who reach out to their city, inviting people into their lives as they follow Jesus together. 

How does it work? The 9 months online course consists of 6 modules. Each module consists of a live webcast with teachers from all over the world and a live video small group. There are weekly recorded video teachings, reading, questions and practical assignments. You are provided with personal feedback and coaching.


Revive City is a one-week training event focusing on Christians in university cities who long to know God more and to make God known among their friends and colleagues.

The week consists of evening meetings each night from Monday to Friday. We spend time together in worship and intercession, and diving into key teachings on the culture of revival, such as the character and nature of God, identity, Holy Spirit, prayer, missions, the Kingdom of God, discipleship and multiplication. The week closes off on Saturday with local outreach and a city-wide worship night, uniting people from different churches and ministries.

Our desire is that each participant will finish the week more equipped in making disciples of Jesus and living out Kingdom principles.

If you desire to facilitate such a week in your city, contact us at

Do you want to grow and be challenged in your walk with God? Do you want to see your friends fascinated by Jesus and be fully transformed by Him? Then start a discipleship “pocket”! 

A “pocket” is a group of two or three people gathering around Jesus, to be trained to live His lifestyle, and encourage active growth. This group will actively train together, meeting regularly for a couple of weeks with the purpose of seeing the lost saved, the saved revived, and training others to do the same. The next step in learning to live the lifestyle of Jesus is training others in what you just learned. 

Visit “The Suitcase” website to access for your discipleship pocket lots of missional lifestyle training videos for free! 

A great and simple course we suggest to start with, is the “Permission Granted” course on wildly following Jesus with all your heart.

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