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cafe story

Evergreen Cafe was established in 2010, in a little town called Herrnhut, in the East of Germany. Close to the borders with Poland and Czech Republic. It is a ministry that is a part of YWAM Herrnhut,  where there is a small space on the first floor inside the historical building known as the water castle.

It all begins with the vision of a group of people passionate about serving quality coffee to missionaries from all across the world. Creating a place for them to come and find rest and refreshment.

Since then, Evergreen Cafe has become a space of community and fellowship for hundreds of missionaries for the past ten years, with this Evergreen Cafe has been proactively taking steps for growing opportunities, and skill sets.

Currently, the cafe is run by a team of full time volunteers that have committed to the vision of the ministry.

our mission

To bring into the community of Herrnhut the quality and excellent service that Evergreen Cafe has to offer through our coffee based products.

To pioneer and grow a new coffee culture among the community, where customers get to know the coffee industry with approachability from farmer to roaster to barista.

To connect with the community of Herrnhut, no matter age, nationality, or status. We want to create deeper and meaningful relationships with our neighbors.


our dream

Our current dream as Evergreen Cafe team is to see the business reaching out to the community of Herrnhut and other towns surrounding us. We not only want to grow as a business, but also to create bigger and stronger connections with the locals.

We see that there is a great longing for fellowship and human connection within the region, especially among young people.

We, as entrepreneurs, see so much potential on this side of the country, where the specialty coffee scene has not yet been established. We believe that this is a great opportunity to pioneer and to create something that could be the beginning of a new era that will not only impact the culture of specialty coffee in the region, but will eventually bring opportunities for the locals to start up their own businesses.

Our goal is to purchase a trailer that can be attached and towed by a powered vehicle. Furnish it with an espresso machine and all the equipment needed to run a cafe in the local German markets.


Meet the team

Partner with us

With your partnership, we will not only be able to reach our goal faster, but it will ensure that people stay connected. That no matter where they are, or what they are going through, there is a community out there that is seeking to reach them and love them; even through such a small thing as a cup of coffee! 

You can make a difference yourself by supporting what could be the next big thing

Our  current goal is 4,000 Euros


For direct donations to the ministry, click on the Donate box below, select from the dropdown menu “Individual ministry”, in the message box type in Project Number 231, Coffee Trailer, fill out the rest of the fields required, and hit GIVE NOW! We will contact you as soon as we get the donation.

If you are considering joining us in this next adventure or have any questions, please contact us at evergreencafe@ywamherrnhut.com. We would love to connect and give you more details.

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