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Have you ever wondered why God created humanity in His image? What did He have in mind when commanding us to multiply and fill the earth – becoming cities and nations?

And what did Jesus mean when He gave the Great Commission to go and disciple all nations?

Can it be that God envisioned nations with:
– righteous governments,
– prosperous economies,
– strong families,
– education that leads to wisdom,
– science and tech that help humanity progress in an innovative manner,
– arts that express pure beauty,
– entertainment that stirs deep joy,
– truthful media with a prophetic voice, and
– religious institutions that priestly connect the people to God and teach the people God’s ways and serve all mankind, especially the afflicted?

Did you know the Bible talks as many times about the individual person as it talks about cities or nations, often addressing them like a person? That it teaches timeless principles for all spheres of society, in how God discipled the nation of Israel – the prime example for discipling all nations? Did you know many Western nations are largely still based on such biblical principles?

Can it be that God’s vision for humanity is that all cultures and all parts of society will again reflect His image? That Jesus came to tackle the root cause of our brokenness – and from the inside out heal and restore everyone and everything? And that YOU are now His agent on earth?

What if your profession is your holy calling from the Lord in healing and restoring nations? What if discipling nations begins at your workplace, through your vocation, in your sphere of society? How can you do it practically, personally, and biblically? What can you learn from Christian and mission history? Where can you start? – And what does this all have to do with “YWAM 3.0”?

If these questions are stirring a deep longing in you, then come and join the School of Spheres in Herrnhut from March 23 to June 11 2021! 

Come and explore answers to these rich questions – with life-changing implications for everything you do! Discover in greater depth your long-term vision for life. Get more aligned with God’s mission for this world. Get equipped to change the world – for real. 

– Fun community.
– Other Jesus-loving people.
– Passion for Jesus.
– Intimate worship and powerful intercession.
– Study the precious Word of God.
– Wrestle with key issues of our day that concern your colleagues, friends, and neighbours.
– Get to know God more. His mind. His heart. His ways.
– Be inspired by Christian and missions history.
– Get challenged and equipped to become a history-maker yourself today – in daily life in your beloved home city, or in a precious nation on the other side of the world.
– Converse with fascinating class mates about ‘YWAM 3.0’ and how anyone can be part anywhere.
– Discover your vision for life in greater depth.
– Make friends.

The course is highly application-oriented. Every sphere’s lecture is each followed by a day of group projects, besides regular ‘table talks’ throughout the school. And in the final month you will do a guided in-depth 360° personal project, focused on your sphere of choice that you believe the Lord has called you in for life.

The school concept is quite “corona-proof”, as we do not rely on flying-in speakers from other countries but we have a pool of local and regional teachers.
Come yourself a few days early if you need to quarantine. But once you are in Herrnhut, you should be fine for the rest of the school – and you will rather come out with “Bible-proven” plans how to change the world for good.

Class Phase (8 weeks)

This first part of the school is a general exploration of 8 ‘Spheres of Society’:

1. Government. 2. The Church & Mercy Ministries. 3. The Family. 4. Education. 5. Economics. 6. Science & Technology. 7. Public Media. 8. Arts & Entertainment. 

For each sphere we will have teachings that provide a general introduction to its main topics from the Bible, from Christian History, and on Current Issues. This is followed each time by a day of ‘Group Projects’ and Presentations. In each project, we will apply that sphere’s general biblical principles to identify approaches for solutions to current issues in a chosen nation – in order to reflect the nature and character of God as people who are created in His image. You will also regularly be part of dynamic ‘Table Talks’ discussion times. 

This explorational spheres phase will be kicked off by an ‘Introduction Week’ on Revival and Transformation, followed by a ‘Foundations Week’ on Biblical Worldview. And after you got for four weeks an overview of each sphere, this first phase will culminate in an eye-opening ‘Spheres in Cross-Cultural Mission’ week and conversations on “YWAM 3.0”, followed by an individually-focused ‘Personal Vision Week’, that will usher you into the following Project Phase.

For a more detailed list of topics, click on the “Curriculum” button below.

Project Phase (4 weeks)

In the second part of the school, you will focus in-depth on your chosen sphere of society and develop your exciting personal long-term vision and mission for life!

You will do a directed study of your chosen sphere from the four angles practiced already in the first phase in general, but now in-depth: 1. Foundational Biblical Principles, 2. Testifying Lessons from Christian History, 3. Addressing Current Issues with a Biblical Worldview, 4. Developing Personal Long-Term Vision, based on God’s World-Vision.

This will be your firm foundation then to draft a ‘360° Critical Thinking’ project, where you will research and evaluate your chosen sphere in your chosen nation via a given outline, drafting a ‘Proposal for Reformation’ that you will present at the end of the school – and enjoy hearing also everyone else’s visionary life projects, when personal passions, giftings and calling are solidly built on God’s Word of Life!

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March 20, 2023 – June 17, 2023


Application Fee: 60€
Tuition, Food, and Accommodation: 1,550€

Mini Outreach (if possible due to covid-19): 100€

Personal Study Literature (you will own after school): 150€
Housing Deposit: 40€

Week 1: School of Spheres Introduction: The Power of the Bible to Change Any Country. Revival and Transformation. Learning from the Herrnhut Moravian History. YWAM as a Movement.

Week 2: Worldview Foundations: Three Major Worldview Streams. How Culture Develops. Evaluating Culture. The Kingdom of God. The Great Commission. Church as Jesus’ ‘Ecclesia’. Missionaries as Jesus’ ‘Apostles’. The Bible’s Historic Impact on Our World. The Biblical View of the Future.

Week 3-6: Introduction to 8 Spheres of Society from 4 angles: 1. Biblical Principles, 2. Lessons from Christian History, 3. Addressing Current Issues, 4. Developing Future Vision. Further highlighting key spheres topics, like A Biblical View of Vocation and Creating Kingdom Culture.

Week 7: Spheres in Cross-Cultural Mission: The Four Waves of Modern Mission. Spheres in Mission History and Today. The Great Awakenings and Generating Movements. ‘YWAM 3.0’. Making Jesus Lord.

Week 8: Personal Life Vision & Mini-Outreach: Unlocking Your Personal Life P.U.R.P.O.S.E., empowered by coaching. Followed by a weekend of mini-outreach to run a National Spheres Workshop alongside the YWAM ministry ‘Firestarters Europe’.

Week 9-12: 360° Personal Sphere Project: Drafting a ‘Proposal for Reformation’ of Your Chosen Sphere of Society.

Week 12, final days: Project Presentations and Graduation!

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