From the very beginning of creation, God’s heart was for all the nations. Jesus made a way for all nations to be adopted into the Kingdom of God. As disciples of Jesus, we have the privilege of getting to partner with God in the transformation of nations through introducing them to Jesus and his world-changing teachings. The heart of the Explores DTS is to go to the hardest to reach places and bring the gospel to light the way for lasting and loving impact. We believe that God created all mankind with specific giftings, and they are scene in every culture across the globe. We want to see those giftings shine and be redeemed through the gospel. There is no place too hard, too dark, or too far gone for God to redeem.

The Explorers DTS is a way of teaching you how to strategically reach hard to reach places with the gospel, these so-called “missionary graveyards.” We will partner with bases and with missionaries who have dedicated their lives to these nations, learning from them and their experience, as well as engaging with the culture the way Jesus would engage. We have a unique take on Lecture Phase, as we spend 4 weeks touring through parts of Eastern Europe and being the hands and feet of Jesus. Outreach will then be taking what we have learned and going to regions and nations where the gospel is needed most. Our expectation is not to see a whole nation changed in three months; our heart is to bring them what Jesus has given us: Hope. We do not focus on the people, the hard situations, or the trial of a new setting; we focus on the people, the way Jesus did. If you have a heart for adventure, for new places to find the light of Jesus, and especially if you have a wild spirit, then the Explorers DTS is meant for you. Come and explore with us!

Lecture Phase

Lecture phase learning comes through teaching from those with profound personal experience, small group discussions, practical implementation, community lifestyle, times of reflection, worship and prayer. During the lecture phase your will learn about the Nature and Character of God, his father heart, how to Hear Gods Voice, the values principles of Praise, Worship Prayer and Intercession and so much more.

Outreach Phase

We believe it is vital to practically apply everything God teaches us in order to continue growing and maturing and outreach phase is an incredible opportunity for this. For the topics and principles learnt in lecture phase to really take root and become established in the lives of our trainees a DTS is never complete without this part. The outreach will be a cross cultural experience of continued learning and growing with opportunities to share the love of Jesus with the people of the nations we are guests in. YWAM Herrnhut has a vision to go to the most unreached. Those who have never heard the Gospel of the good news of Christ, so get ready to the ultimate adventure. As Explorers we are committed to reaching out to the nations in Central Asia and the Middle East.
Exact locations will be announced during the first few weeks of Lecture Phase.

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The next course will be on January 25, 2021 – July 8, 2021

Application Fee: 60€

Housing Deposit: 40€

Lecture Phase: 1850€

Residence Permit: 145€ (if applicable)

Outreach Phase: 1500-2000€ (excluding airfares)

Want more information? Email us: dts@ywamherrnhut.com

Languages: English, German

Check out the full list of the Lecture Phase topics.

Nature and Character of God
Father Heart of God
Hearing Gods Voice
Praise, Worship and Celebration
Prayer and Intercession
Evangelism and Sharing the Gospel
Healthy Relationships
Identity and Original Design
Laying Down Your Rights / Fear of the Lord / Lordship of Christ
Holy Spirit and the Gifts
The Great Commission and the Call to Missions
Bible Overview / Foundations of Worldview
Spiritual Warfare

When I came to my DTS, I didn’t fully know what to expect. But I took the risk to come, and God met me there. I met the love of God in a completely new way. It changed my life. On outreach, I saw God’s incredible love for others, and I began to have hope for things bigger than myself. Our Jesus is full of radical hope. He is a Light that does not diminish under intimidation, under the fear of the unknown, nor in the face of injustice and those things which seem too hard. I want to invite you to get outside of your comfort zone to get a hold of this Hope- for yourself, for the things that seem too hard to handle, for the future, for places and people you’ve never met. Because I believe He wants you to meet Him in new ways, and that you have a part to play in His story of redemption for the world. As a team we’re excited to be a part of that journey with you, and we hope that together we get to discover new things about God, even beyond what we could expect or imagine!

Meet the team

Jordan Stanley

Nadja Meier

Luiza Barbosa

Jeremiah Fütter

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