Christianity & Culture Course


Class Phase (8 weeks)

This first part is a general exploration of 8 ‘Spheres of Influence’ in a society:

1. Government. 2. The Church & Mercy Ministries. 3. The Family. 4. Education. 5. Economics. 6. Science & Technology. 7. Public Media. 8. Arts & Entertainment. 

For each sphere we will have teachings that provide a general introduction to its main topics from the Bible, from Christian History, and on Current Issues. This is followed each time by a day of ‘Group Projects’ and Presentations. In each project, we will apply that sphere’s general biblical principles to identify approaches for solutions to current issues in a chosen nation – in order to reflect the nature and character of God as people who are created in His image. You will also regularly be part of dynamic ‘Table Talks’ discussion times. 

This explorational spheres phase will be kicked off by an ‘Introduction Week’ on Revival and Transformation, followed by a ‘Foundations Week’ on Biblical Worldview. And after you got for four weeks an overview of each sphere, this first phase will culminate in an eye-opening ‘Spheres in Cross-Cultural Mission’ week and conversations on YWAM Europe “3.0”, followed by an individually-focused ‘Personal Vision Week’, that will usher you into the following Project Phase.

For a more detailed list of topics, click on the “Curriculum” button below.

Project Phase (4 weeks)

In the second part of the school, you will focus in-depth on your chosen sphere of society and develop your exciting personal long-term vision and mission for life!

You will do a directed study of your chosen sphere from the four angles practiced already in the first phase in general, but now in-depth: 1. Foundational Biblical Principles, 2. Testifying Lessons from Christian History, 3. Addressing Current Issues with a Biblical Worldview, 4. Developing Personal Long-Term Vision, based on God’s World-Vision.

This will be your firm foundation then to draft a ‘360° Critical Thinking’ project, where you will research and evaluate your chosen sphere in your chosen nation via a ‘critical thinking’ guideline, drafting a ‘Proposal for Reformation’ that you will present at the end of the school – and enjoy hearing also everyone else’s visionary life projects, when personal passions, giftings and calling are solidly built on God’s Word of Life!

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