The Vision

The vision God gave us for the foundation of YWAM Herrnhut, Germany. A vision from the heart of God.

He has not forgotten the calling and identity placed upon Herrnhut and the Moravians nearly 300 years ago. Through the course of time, this small community of refugees, religious outcasts, and radicals, sent out more than 2,000 missionaries into the most difficult regions of the world.

God has been speaking to us about a new wave of missionaries to be sent out; disciples willing to go and longing to reclaim the inheritance and calling God has given. The vision is to see thousands of new workers sent into the nations.

The vision is for a new movement not like any before! It will be a revolution… sweeping across Germany, spreading out into the nations. There will be no limits to the means used to reach the end goal. We want to see every generation united together, connected to one another, mobilized, and called out to use every God-given tool to reach everyone with the saving Gospel of Jesus.

The vision is to see old ideas integrated with new ways. Our desire is that a new and special emphasis be placed on all the art forms (photography, fine arts, drama, poetry, sculpture, music, etc.) and communication technologies.

We believe that these two areas are going to play dynamic roles in the way of missions in the future. We want YWAM Herrnhut to become a forum for new ideas, dreamt up in the hearts of the willing, and through training and refining, becoming foundations for change in the nations.

It's not just about a location which once held such importance for the Protestant missions movement. It's about using the most effective means to see a lost world reached with the hope of Jesus Christ, that we may one day stand together and God may receive the praise of men from every tribe and tongue.

The vision can only be realized as God becomes the sole priority of our lives and the work that He has given our sole goal…it's about being focused on the field He has called us to.